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The first terms used to describe this form of training were "l'art du déplacement" and "le parcours".                The term "parkour" was coined by Hubert Koundé. It derives from "parcours du combattant", the classic obstacle course method of military training proposed by Georges Hebert.                                                    A practitioner of parkour is called a "traceur" , with the feminine form being "traceuse".                                 They are substantives derived from the French verb "tracer", which normally means "trace", or "trail" (as in "he escaped without a trace").
[Georges Hebert in the picture above]
Georges Hebert was the pioneer in the parkour, he creates the natural method, but he is not the one that made the parkour a sport, the responsible of that is David Belle(his son,in the image below)

He, following the steps of his father, (the natural method) , creates this amaizing sport, named parkour, he is actually a traceur and he act in a movie named "D13-U" -district 13 ultimatum-  were he use those techniques to move through the city.

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